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Planning A Jewish Wedding


We know that a Jewish wedding is a sacred and special occasion, marked with close friends and family. We have years of experience working on these weddings, and we are well familiar with the importance of Jewish customs and traditions.

We take care of everything you need, from finding the best hotels, managing your guest list and coordinating transport, to liaising with the venue, finding the best suppliers and hiring a rabbi. No matter how elaborate or intimate you want your wedding to be, we will be there to make sure your dream wedding will come to realy.

After receiving your initial request, we will first go over and understand your needs and requirements.

Next, having established a clear vision of your expectations we start to give you venue recommendations. We supply materials and examples to help you imagine how beautiful your event could be in these locations.

You will also become aware of the costs, differences, advantages, and disadvantages of hosting your celebration in each of these potential venues.

Once you decide which is the perfect place and have verified its availability, we create a budget outlining all the costs for you to have your Jewish wedding in this location.

At this point, we should have a venue that matches your needs, and a budget that we know works for you and covers all the necessary services for the duration of your festivities.

Do We Need To Visit Israel Prior To Our Wedding?

If you have time to come to Israel, you can visit venues, do site inspections, and walk-throughs with your wedding planner.

You can also work with the caterer to define your personalized dining experience, go over the design with our event designers and lighting experts, and even have hair and make-up trials.

Throughout this process, you will be accompanied by us, and we will guide you through the entire process step by step!

If you don’t have time to come to Israel, then technology is our friend and we embrace it to help you clearly understand what we are talking about.

This in turn makes decision-making easier for you.

We have many couples that are busy and unable to schedule time for a trip to Israel. In this case, we work closely together remotely and through video, calls, and file-sharing we get the job done!

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